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Tuesday, 29 October, 2019 to Thursday, 31 October, 2019

International exhibition of effective solutions for agribusiness


AgroComplex is the international exhibition of effective solutions for agribusiness, which presents the whole complex of advanced technologies for increasing competitiveness of production according to world challenges and global changes.


Thematic sections:

  • Alternative energy and bioenergy
  • Biological preparations
  • Intra-farm logistics
  • Fertilizers and means of plant protection
  • Equipment and facilities for grain storage
  • Niche directions of agricultural production
  • Equipment for processing of agricultural products
  • Productive beekeeping
  • Industrial cultivation of fish, crustaceans and molluscs
  • Selective breeding and seeds
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Greenhouse technologies
  • Precision agriculture and digital solutions
  • Financing and insurance tools


Special projects in the framework of AgroComplex 2019: 

AgroTestField 2019

  • It is a test project aimed at creation of professional newsworthy information for various groups of specialists working at production farms, suppliers of material and technical resources, scientists and students. Agro Test Field finishes with holding of final summarizing conference at AgroComplex 2019. 

IT-Corner 2019

  • It is a specialized exposition held in open-space format, where digital solutions and smart technologies for agribusiness are presented. 

AgroEnergyDAY 2019

  • It is the international expoforum of bioenergy technologies and alternative energy in agribusiness, which includes an exposition and a specialized event. 

Leap forward to quality 2019

  • the largest exposition of domestic agricultural machinery manufacturers in Ukraine. The exhibiting companies-manufacturers will be offered a virtual demonstrational service in the exhibition hall 3 of AgroComplex 2019. 

Greenhouse Business 2019

  • specialized exposition of technological solutions for greenhouses. 

Productive beekeeping

  • international specialized exhibition of equipment, veterinary medicine and modern technologies for bee- and bumblebee keeping. 


  •  specialized exposition of craft and farm products. 


AgroComplex is held once in two years, interchangeably with the international exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment InterAGRO. Due to this fact, every next edition reflects real changes that have happened during this time and provides guidance for innovative directions of industry development for the future period. 






Management team of AgroComplex:
Tel/fax +38 (044) 461 93 68, +38 (044) 490 64 69

Foreign Relations & Business Development Department:
Tel/fax: +38 (0 44) 490 63 37



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