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Tuesday, 5 November, 2019 to Thursday, 7 November, 2019

International Water Forum


AQUA UKRAINE has already become a traditional annual International Water Forum, which is held by order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with a view to the introduction of international standards and advanced achievements in water sector of Ukraine.

As the only international specialized event in Ukraine for water industry professionals, the exhibition AQUA UKRAINE hospitably collects under the roof of the PAVILION, the most advanced water technologies, design, products, equipment, materials, products and services, and each year it becomes a platform for discussions among experts from a Government water industry, public, scientific, industrial and business sector of Ukraine and foreign countries.

International Water Forum AQUA UKRAINE is traditionally held as a part of specialized exhibition and scientifical‑practical conferences, seminars. Specialized exhibition AQUA UKRAINE introduces a wide range of domestic and foreign products, as fittings, water filters, pumps, and other equipment, technology and materials used in water- and wastewater treatment, including industrial, municipal and domestic aspects of this subject.

Water Exhibition AQUA UKRAINE harmoniously complements the program of scientific and practical activities (conferences, seminars, round tables) on a wide range of relevant water issues such as water treatment, water supply, sewerage, waste water treatment, drinking water, bottled water, engineering networks, pumping equipment, strategy of development of water resources of Ukraine, automated systems of water management, protection of water resources, the management of floods and climate change adaptation, the regulatory framework and the harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with European directives for waterreform of housing and communal services of Ukraine and improvement of public utility services.


Exhibited products and services:

Municipal and domestic water supply

  • water preparation and processing technologies
  • individual water preparation systems for residential buildings
  • water measuring instruments
  • filters for household and special purpose
  • municipal wastewater treatment, sewage stations

Technologies and systems of water preparation and disposal for industrial water supply and fuel and energy complex (food, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, energy, metallurgy, engineering, agro‑industrial sector etc.)

  • cooling systems and water reuse
  • water treatment
  • wastewater and sludge treatment
  • industrial and local water purification devices
  • water filtration systems for industry

Pumps and pumping equipment

Engineering networks

  • pipes and pipeline accessories
  • systems of pipeline inspection and monitoring
  • technologies and systems of pipeline clearing and renovation


  • Technologies and equipment of water wells drilling for domestic, communal and industrial water supply
  • Automation of water resource management and engineering systems. Geographic Information Systems
  • Geological investigation and extraction of underground waters, assessing of water resources. Hydraulic and hydrological engineering constructions. Engineering‑hydrological works. Protection of water resources.
  • Bottled water (bottle washer‑filler units, label automatic devices, dispensers, coolers, pumps etc.)


How to reach organizers:

International Exhibition Centre Ltd.
Tel.: +38 (044) 201-11-62, 201-11-54, 


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