EV Forum 2019

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Thursday, 31 October, 2019

Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure: the Transformation of Modern Business


EV Forum is an intensive event, the bulk of which is made up of successful business cases regarding the commercial use of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Also, the participants of the forum will learn first-hand information about the legislative initiatives of the authorities: the forum will be attended by top officials of the Ministry of Infrastructure, representatives of the Verkhovna Rada and the Kyiv City Council.


Topics of the forum:

Commercial use 

  • charging infrastructure: Ukrainian realities, practical cases and future development of the industry. 

Legislative initiatives

  • to promote the use of commercial electric vehicles: economic and environmental aspects. 

Future development

  • commercial electric vehicle market: production, servicing, distribution

Practical cases

  • of the use of electric vehicles for commercial purposes in various industries: pros and cons.

Public electric transport 

  • next generation public electric transport and municipal transport: economic efficiency, future development. 

Forecasts and trends

  • from leading industry experts



Participants profile:

Chiefs and top management of:

  • FMCG companies with their own car fleets;
  • chain and franchising companies; 
  • pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, pharmacy chains; - medical centers; 
  • companies engaged in development of commercial and residential real estate; 
  • courier delivery services; 
  • gas station chains; 
  • electric vehicle importers; 
  • taxi services; 
  • manufacturers of charging devices for electric vehicles; 
  • IT companies, developers of solutions for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure; 
  • large farms and agricultural enterprises; 
  • heads of municipalities. 




How to reach organizers:

Mr. Serhii Krot - Project Manager
Tel: +380 (44) 461-9306
Tel: +380 (67) 504-0552

Mr. Alexander Korotenko - Sales Manager
Tel: +380 (44) 461-9306
Tel: +380 (67) 408-4610