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Wednesday, 17 April, 2019 to Friday, 19 April, 2019

10TH INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL FORUM “Medicine Innovations – the Nation’s Health”


X INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL FORUM “Medicine Innovations – the Nation’s Health” – large-scale complex innovation-oriented event of the health care industry of Ukraine, combined a powerful scientific-practical program, schools, specialized exhibitions, created an information platform for the exchange of experience and improvement of professional skills for the specialists of the healthcare industry.


Forum structure:

  • International medical congress 
  • International dental congress
  • Exhibition MEDICAEXPO with the following areas:

MEDRadiology – conventional roentgen diagnostics, x-ray computed tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, ultrasound diagnostics, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, radiation safety
MEDLab – complex support of medical laboratories
MEDTech – medical equipment for outpatient and inpatient treatment. Diagnostics equipment
MEDSolutions – complex solutions for medical institutions: engineering, designing, automation
IT MED – telemedicine and medical information systems
MEDRehab&Physio – equipment and technology for physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation
MEDСleanTech – clean rooms, cleaning, special medical clothing and personal protective equipment
MEDInnovation – innovation developments and perspective projects of medical science-research institutions and medical educational institutions
MEDDent – equipment, materials and technologies in the field of dentistry
HEALTH BEAUTY – professional equipment, materials and modern technologies for aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery. Anti-aging direction


  • Exhibition PHARMAEXPO:

Medical remedies: pharmaceutical products, biological products, vaccines, homeopathic, herbal remedies, hormones, mineral and vitamin preparations
Parapharmaceutics: dietary supplements and nutritional supplements, herbal products, dietary products and healthy food, baby food, mineral water: medical, medical-table water
Medical products: dressings, medical linen (bandages, braces, wrist brace), compression garment, orthopedic products, nursing, medical clothes and footwear, baby products, medical equipment (blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, thermometers, air ionizer, germicidal lamps, etc.)
Medical and medical-preventive medicine
Complex solutions and pharmaceutical equipment stores and pharmacies
Services for the pharmaceutical market

  • Exhibition DENTALEXPO:

Dental equipment, tools and materials
Dental supplies and medicines
Modern methods and technologies of treatment and prevention
Oral cavity hygiene
Equipment and materials for dental and casting laboratories
Implant products and technologies
X-ray equipment and materials, radiovisiography equipment
Equipment for infection control, materials for disinfection and sterilization
Esthetic dentistry
Plastic surgery
Dental anesthesiology
Information technologies and software for dental clinics
Materials and equipment for personal protection, medical clothing
Dental furniture


Facts and figures of IMF 2017:

  • 278 VIP guests
  • 35 participating countries
  • 120 organizers and co-organizers
  • 50 workshops
  • 12.120 visiting specialists
  • 8 300 sqm exhibition space
  • 82 exhibitors of the International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA&Wellness – Healthcare TravelExpo
  • 950 speakers – Industry experts
  • 337 exhibitors of the International Medical Forum and International Dental Congress



Colocated events:



LMT Company
For participation: Tel.: +380 (44) 206-10-15
E-mail form is available by the link below: http://medforum.in.ua/?page_id=856&lang=en






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