Inprodmash 2019

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Tuesday, 10 September, 2019 to Thursday, 12 September, 2019

The 28th International Trade Fair of Food Processing Industry 


INPRODMASH and UPAKOVKA exhibitions are a unique platform for demonstrating the best scientific achievements of domestic and global leaders in the production of technological equipment, packaging technology and materials for all sectors of food industry. 

Equipment, tools and materials for various industries: meat, dairy, fat-and-oil, fish, confectionery and bakery, grocery, canned foods, as well as a wide range of technological and auxiliary equipment for the wine industry and brewing will be exhibited at INPRODMASH. Technologies for poultry and livestock farms − from slaughter lines and raw materialsprocessing systems to the final stages of meat and poultry packaging − will be also demonstrated here. Producers of equipment, accessories, hygiene and sanitary articles, special clothing and maintenance services, companies supplying raw materials, ingredients and spices for the production of various foods also showcase their products here.


Exhibited products and services:

Technological equipment for

  • meat-processing industry
  • dairy industry
  • baking industry
  • canned-foods industry
  • confectionery industry
  • canning industry
  • fat-and-oil industry
  • beverage production and bottling
  • ice-cream industry
  • fish industry
  • greengrocery processing

Production automation systems
Industrial refrigerating systems

  • freezing and thawing systems
  • cold-producing and compressor units

Compressors and pumps
Accessory equipment
Monitoring, measuring and analytical equipment
Food safety
Industrial sanitation
Warehouse and production logistics

  • conveyor systems
  • equipment for testing, sorting and stock-taking
  • storing and maturing equipment
  • ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • storage and weight-handling machinery

Food constituents

  • proteins, protein hydrolyzates, aminoacids
  • ingredients for healthy nutrition
  • cultures and starters
  • food flavourings
  • food colorants
  • sauces and condiments
  • spices


Facts and figures of INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA 2018:

  • Total trade fair area - 5.512 sq.m
  • Number of visitors - 7.075
  • 170  exhibitors: 128 Ukrainian and 42 foreign companies from Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Italy,  Belgium, China, Lithuania



Colocated events: 



phone: +38 044 456 3804



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