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Tuesday, 31 March, 2020 to Friday, 3 April, 2020

International Trade Fair for engineering, metallurgy, casting, metalworking, tools, surface treatment technology, compressors, drive equipment, pumps, pipes and valves, filters, non‑metallic industrial materials, diagnostic tools, industrial automation


Kyiv Technical Fair follows logically from International Industrial Forum – the largest machine‑building exhibition in Ukraine, which is organized by International Exhibition Centre every last week of November for over 17 years. The contacts, established in the process of observing novelties at the International Industrial Forum, can be profitably developed and firmed up at Kyiv Technical Fair in spring.


Exhibited products and services:


  • metalcutting, tube and wire processing machines and tools
  • laser, plasma equipment and technologies
  • robotics
  • sheet and rolled metal cutting equipment
  • oils, lubricating materials
  • deliveries and components
  • industrial armature construction
  • assembling technologies and equipment wireframe and assembling manufacturing
  • deliverables, technological rigging up devices, dies, moulds, conveyor systems
  • researches, new technologies


Machine building

  • machine‑building outputs
  • hoisting and transporting, storehouse equipment
  • welding, cutting, soldering and surfacing equipment
  • boilers and boiler equipment
  • industrial ventilation systems
  • industrial floors construction
  • industrial cleaning



  • tools of ultrahard materials
  • abrasive, diamond, CBN tools, abrasive materials, diamond
  • wheels, grinding belts, diamond files etc.
  • precision tools
  • cutting edge, grinding tools
  • tric hand tools
  • tools for fitters and assemblers tools
  • pneumatic and hydraulic tools
  • tools and equipment for autoservice
  • auxiliary tools
  • gardening tool


Pumps, pipes, pipeline installations, water conditioning, discharge treatment

  • water treatment, water supply, water removal
  • pipes, pumps, installations, filters
  • sewage treatment, wastewater treatment facilities
  • fittings
  • measuring and controlling devices


Compressors, drivers, engines

  • air compressor systems
  • drives and engines
  • pneumatic equipment and tools
  • vacuum technologies and equipment
  • cryogen equipment


Metallurgy, foundry

  • equipment for mining, concentration and processing of raw materials
  • ferrous and non‑ferrous metallurgy
  • powder metallurgy
  • machinery and technologies for metal manufacture
  • scrap iron processing
  • wires, metal items, mounting hardware
  • foundry engineering technologies and equipment
  • pressure‑die casting equipment
  • precision foundry equipment
  • foundry hardware
  • electrothermic treatment equipment


Surface treatment, noncorrosive coatings

  • primary surface machining equipment
  • electrochemical surface hardening equipment
  • galvanic equipment
  • thermal surface treatment equipment
  • polymer coating and polishing equipment
  • plasma spraying equipment


Non-metalic industrial materials

  • engineering ceramics
  • engineering glass
  • stone
  • carbon
  • polymers and composites
  • rubber items, raw rubber
  • adhesives, sealants, pastes
  • lubricating and cooling substances


Diagnostics, control, management, automation

  • non‑destructive testing and technical diagnostics equipment
  • controllong and measuring apparatus and instruments
  • automated constructional design systems
  • industrial processes automation means
  • automated factory management systems


Special exposition "KyivMold": Moulds. Die moulds. Stamps.



Facts and figures of Kyiv Technical Fair 2019 (general for KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR, PLAST EXPO UA and ADDIT EXPO 3D):

  • 179 exhibitors from 10 countries: Austria, Belarus, Germany, Iran, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Poland, the Czech Republic, national expositions of China and Turkey.
  • 6000+ visitors
  • 7000sqm exhibition area 



Colocated events: Plast Expo UA 2020 (International Trade Fair of Equipment and Technologies for Plastics and Rubber Production and Processing), ADDIT Expo 3D 2020 (International Trade Fair of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies, equipment and materials), Coating Expo UA 2020 (International Trade Fair for paint coatings and materials, raw materials, equipment and technologies, surface treatment, containers and packaging)



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