Motor Fueling Complex 2019

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Wednesday, 29 May, 2019 to Saturday, 1 June, 2019

International Petrol and Gas Stations Equipment Exhibition 


The exhibition will demonstrate in usual manner state-of-the-art equipment for petrol and gas stations as well as services on petrol station designing, construction and decorative arrangement.


Exhibited products and services:

Filling Stations:

  • Equipment for petrol, LPG, CNG stations and oil farms  
  • Fuel and gas dispensers 
  • Fuel guns, pumps, valves, hoses, control equipment 
  • Designing and building of petrol stations, oil farms and oil storage depots
  • Oil quality control equipment and technologies
  • Vehicle LPG systems
  • Vehicle gas equipment

Motor Fuel:

  • Fuel additives
  • Octane correctors
  • Oxygen-containing components petrol     

- Gas (liquefied and compressed)
            - Biofuel 
            - Biodiesel
            - Hydrogen      
Motor fuel production, delivery and storage equipment

Roadside Service:

  • Service stations (test equipment and tire stands) 
  • Washing systems and equipment
  • Cashless payment systems (smart cards), payment terminals 
  • Cash registers and cash dispensers 
  • Vending machines
  • Mini-shops, fast food systems 
  • Construction of motels and camping grounds

Garage & Parking

  • Equipment, parking systems, turnpikes, turnstiles 
  • Automatic gates (fast-speed, industrial)
  • Road blocks, parking stakes, barriers

Building and Promotion Technologies and Design:

  • Petrol station ad design 
  • Boards, showcases and lighting
  • Building materials and structures

Environmental Protection


Colocated event: SIA - Auto Tech Service 2019 (27th International Specialized Exhibition for the Market of Service and Automotive Aftermarket Services)



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