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Tuesday, 10 September, 2019 to Thursday, 12 September, 2019

20th International Trade Fair of Equipment and Materials for Packaging


INPRODMASH and UPAKOVKA exhibitions are a unique platform for demonstrating the best scientific achievements of domestic and global leaders in the production of technological equipment, packaging technology and materials for all sectors of food industry. 


Exhibited products and services:

Packing materials and technologies for their production

  • paper, metal and man-made packing materials
  • eco package
  • design, engineering and decoration of packaging articles

Equipment for food packaging

  • dosing
  • stuffing
  • palleting
  • by means of mechanical transformation
  • by means of thermal treatment

Weighing, metering and filling equipment
Equipment and technologies for beverage bottling and packaging
Equipment for container-glass industry
Equipment for the production of plastic wrap

  • machines
  • molds
  • accessories

Final package lines
Equipment and technologies for manufacture of labelled produce
Equipment for package printing

  • marking and coding equipment

Equipment and technologies for disposal of packaging and other wastes in the process of food production and sales turnover


Facts and figures of INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA 2018:

  • Total trade fair area - 5.512 sq.m
  • Exposition area  - 3.142 sq.m
  • Number of visitors - 7.075
  • 170  exhibitors: 128 Ukrainian and 42 foreign companies from Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Italy,  Belgium, China, Lithuania




Colocated events: 



phone: +38 044 456 3804



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