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International Trade Fair for power energy, electrical engineering, radio electronic components, industrial automation and lighting equipment


 Exhibited products and services:

Power engineering:

  • High-voltage equipment (Switching equipment; switchboards; transformer substations;
  • Low-voltage equipment (energy installation; switchboard; switching equipment; Equipment and tools)
  • Energy saving (Energy saving technologies; Energy saving systems, Occupational safety and health)

Energy supply and electrical power systems

  • Cogeneration plants
  • Power plants.
  • Stabilizers, converters.
  • Inverters, rectifiers, batteries.
  • UPS.
  • Switchboard equipment.
  • Power supply systems.
  • Actuators and transducers.
  • Grounding and lightning protection systems

Cabling and wiring products

  • Cables.
  • Wires.
  • Cabling systems.
  • Electrical products.
  • Equipment installation and wiring.

Lighting engineering

  • Technical lighting (Street lighting, Road lighting, Lighting of industrial plants and buildings, Lighting systems for offices and administrative buildings, Emergency and evacuation lighting, Optoelectronics, Lighting Control Systems)
  • Decorative lighting (Lamps for indoor decorative lighting, Devices for outdoor architectural lighting, Devices for show lighting, Christmas lighting, illumination)
  • LED-lighting
  • Light sources (Fluorescent lamps, Halogen lamps, Universal lamp, Projection lamps, Infrared lamps, Bactericidal lamps)
  • Control Products

Facts and figures of Elcom Ukraine 2018 (together with colocated events):

  • 284 exhibitors, including 66 foreign companies from 13 countries (Austria, Belarus, Germany, Spain, China, Korea, Poland, Russia, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic, South Korea).
  • Total exhibition area more than 5.500 sqm
  • 605 brands
  • 10.217 visitors
  • More than 25 seminars and conferences in the framework of the exhibition




elcomUkraine, EIA and SOLAR Ukraine are held annually in Kyiv and are large-scale industry events in the field of power energy, electrical engineering, radio electronic components, industrial automation and lighting.


Colocated events:

  • SOLAR UKRAINE 2021 (International Trade Show Dedicated to Generation and Consumption of Solar Energy in Ukraine)
  • EIA 2021 (Electronics and Industrial Automation Trade Show)




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