Exhibitions and Trade Fairs
in Ukraine


Growing, Storage, Processing and Sale of Fruits, Vegetables, Mushrooms and Berries Trade Show


Thematic areas:
Modern growing technologies.
Selection, seed and crop industry.
Plant protection products.
Fertilizers, growth stimulants.
Planting material.
Irrigation systems.
Mechanization means:

- field-processing technologies;

- gardens maintenance technologies;

- harvest machines (vegetables, fruit, berry);

- transporters.

Laboratory and analytical equipment.
Certification and standardisation of products.

Greenhouse turn-key construction.
Modern technologies in greenhouse industry.
Covering materials.
Climate-control and automatic equipment.
Substrates and soil-mixtures.

Mushroom industry.
Commercial gardening:

Equipment and materials for gardening and berry industry:

- support systems;

- materials and tools for plants garter.

Equipment and materials for nursery-gardens:

- cassettes, boxes, seedling kits;
- containers and bags for plants growing;
- materials for plants packing.

Garden tools and accessories.
Flower industry.
Primary harvest processing:

Equipment and tools for harvest cleaning and washing.
Equipment for sorting, grading and separation of the crop.
Packaging for fresh produce.

Harvest storage.



Facts and figures 2018: 
Net exhibition area – 639,5 sqm
Number of exhibitors – 61
Countries represented – 3 (Ukraine, Netherlands, Poland)
Number of visitors (total) – 8 499 including:

- Farming Technologies forum, Greenhouse Industry, Farm Contract Fair – 1 190
- Industrial Cold, Storage Expo – 929


Contacts:Mrs. Yulia Ardo
Tel: +38 (044) 461-9311
Mob: +38 067 504-0152

Mrs. Yulia Melnichuk
Tel: +38 (044) 461-9302
Mob: +38 067 711-6478

вул. Амстердамська, 1, Berezivka, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 08005
Website: www.fermerua.com/
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