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Hydro Engineering Expo 2020

International exhibition of equipment, technologies and materials for construction and operation of hydraulic structures and water bodies


International exhibition of equipment, technologies and materials for construction and operation of hydraulic structures and water bodies - Hydro Engineering 2020 - will be held on 7-8th of April, 2020 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The Association agreement between EU and Ukraine provides phased implementation of European environmental legislation in Ukraine. Taking into account significant growth of local budgets and independence of local authorities due to recent decentralization new projects of reconstruction and construction of irrigation systems, ports, locks, wells, water bodies and hydraulic structures will be implemented in 2020 in Ukraine.

This international forum is aimed to become a platform for attraction of investments and advanced technologies into the industry.

Exhibition topics:
Special equipment and tools for hydro construction
Materials and constructions for building, maintenance and repair of hydraulic structures
Machinery and equipment for underwater construction, diving operations, underwater pipeline construction
Arrangement and strengthening of coastlines, interlocking sheet piling construction, dock arrangement, embankments, artificial territories, barrages and dams
Construction, reconstruction, operation of ports and facilities for water transport maintenance, docks, gateways
Design and construction of bridge pillars, pontoon bridges and crossings
Territory recultivation, irrigation, drainage
Hydrogeological surveys
Technologies and equipment for monitoring of water bodies
Materials for waterproofing and corrosion protection
Information technologies, automation and dispatching


suppliers of machinery, equipment and materials for integrated solutions for construction and operation of hydraulic structures and water bodies
suppliers of technologies, equipment and integrated solutions for sewage treatment
general contractors, construction, engineering, design, road-building organizations
international and Ukrainian water utilities (“vodokanals”), management and enterprises of Water and Sewerage Facilities
industrial enterprises: Mining & metallurgical and fuel & energy sectors, chemistry, petrochemicals, transport, ports, Ukrzaliznytsia - Ukrainian railways, Ukrzaliznytsia
branches, agriculture, pharma and food industries, animal husbandry, fisheries
consulting companies, law firms
Basin Councils of the Water Resources Agency of Ukraine, hydrogeological organisations
environmental laboratories
ministries, committees of the Verkhovna Rada, state supervision (control) bodies
regional and municipal authorities, territorial communities
banks, investment companies, financial institutions
diplomatic missions
scientific and educational institutions, public organizations


Hydro Engineering 2020 Exhibition will be conducted at the same time with co-located International exhibition of equipment and technologies for municipal and industrial sewage treatment Waste Water Management 2020

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LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dradionov
E-mail: d.radionov@b-forum.com

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