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19th International Trade Show of Technologies for Industrial Refrigeration Equipment, Air-Conditioning, and Ventilation


Industrial Cold is an annual meeting point of producers and suppliers of refrigerating equipment for active negotiations, and beneficial contracts.

The trade show presents: industrial refrigeration equipment, air conditioning and ventilation, measurement and control devices and automation, equipment and consumables for repairing, assembly, and servicing.

The trade show is annually visited by experts of major distributors and food processing plants, industrial plants, representatives of design, installation and construction companies, engineering companies, representatives of transport and logistics, refrigerated warehouses, managers and specialists of agricultural enterprises and farms.


Thematic areas

Industrial refrigeration equipment
Compressors, and compressing and condensing equipment, mono-blocks, split-systems;
Cooling warehouses.
Chillers (refrigerators for liquids, gas, etc.)
Freezing chambers, doors and plastic curtains
Fast freezers and tunnels (shock freezing of foods)
Ice generators
Climate chambers for maturing sausages and cheeses
Climate chambers for maturing fruits and vegetables
Containers for fruit and vegetable storage in controlled atmosphere.
Integrated equipment for enterprises in the meat and dairy industry
Integrated equipment for supermarkets and public catering establishments
Complex equipment of agricultural enterprises and farms
Equipment for air division, nitrogen, oxygen and ethylene generators, carbon absorbers, catalytic converters.

Transport refrigeration
Automobile and railroad refrigerators
Air-conditioning for railroad wagons and buses

Air-conditioning and ventilation:
Industrial air-conditioners
Central air-conditioners
Precision air-conditioners
Refrigerant fluids (chillers)
Air coolers
Air processing units
Air-ventilation systems
Equipment for filtration and air purification
Fan coils

Heat Pumps


Measurement and control devices, automation

Equipment and consumables for repairing, assembly, and servicing



Facts and figures of Industrial Cold exhibition 2018:
Net exposition area, sq. m - 1,259.5
Number of exhibitors - 123 (+23% comparing to 2017)
Countries represented - 4 (Ukraine, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland)
Number of visitors (complex of events) - 8,128 (+28,5% comparing to 2017)

Contacts:Mrs. Valentina Mikhaylova
Tel: +380 (44) 461-9201,
mob. +380 (67) 504-0149,
mob. +380 (66) 353-1902

Mr. Vladimir Shevchik
Tel: +380 (44) 461-9201,
mob. +38 067-2148602

вул. Амстердамська, 1, Berezivka, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 08005
Website: promholod.euroindex.ua/
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