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Grain Tech Expo 2021


International exhibition of innovative solutions in grain business


Grain Tech Expo is the international agro-industrial exhibition that takes the leading place among specialized exhibition events in Ukraine and is aimed at promotion of innovative solutions at different stages of manufacture, storage, processing and transporting of grain, legume, cereal and oilseed crops.

This agro-industrial exhibition unites the leading suppliers of equipment, dealers and representatives of manufacturing sector of both Ukrainian grain market and foreign companies. A significant experience of organizers and modern exhibition complex create optimal opportunities for communication of manufacturers of technological solutions, specialists of agricultural companies, farmers of different categories and governmental authorities. This facilitates effective search for new partners, exchange of modern experience and promotion of world trends on Ukrainian market.

Traditionally, a wide range of products, such as equipment for storage and processing of grain and oilseed crops, production of mixed fodders, equipment for elevators and grain reception centers, flour-milling and cereal industry, seeds, means of plant protection, laboratory and weight measuring equipment, machinery and technologies for production of grain products will be widely presented at the agro-industrial exhibition Grain Tech Expo 2020.

Another advantage of the exhibition is its rich business program that includes industry forums, conferences, seminars and workshops.


Exhibited products and services:

  • Equipment for grains and oilseeds storage
  • Equipment for grains and oilseeds processing
  • Technologies and equipment for cereals industry
  • Mills and accessory equipment
  • Equipment for mixed feed production
  • Logistics
  • Loading and unloading machinery
  • Machinery for transportation
  • Technologies of grains and oilseeds growing
  • Seeding material
  • Plant protection means
  • Digital technologies
  • Agricultural economics
  • Bioenergy


Colocated events: 




Management team of Grain Tech Expo
Tel./fax: +38 044 461 93 68
Tel./fax: +38 (044) 490 64 69

Foreign Relations & Business Development Department
Tel./fax: +38 (0 44) 490 63 37






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